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Border Line
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We are a company known for providing wireless communication solutions (WIFI), systems development, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), systems customization/integration, and other IT Global Services. We cater to hotels, universities, hospitals, offices, condominiums, resorts, communities, telecoms, and nationwide installation, support, and maintenance— noteworthy to information technology solutions and integration.

It has been a couple of decades that we are into this industry; and we can proudly say that we are equipped. We have our associates spread all over the major cities. Noteworthy, our solutions have catered to more than eighteen (18) countries of the world– Jamaica, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Canada, USA, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Somalia land– to name major countries we have ventured. Our milestones have been enriched by deployment and field immersion across culture and diversity.